Updated: Jul 4

Yep, I am apparently Transphobic.

If you use Twitter then it is likely that you have come across at least one member of the trans community. This person could be a transwoman, a transman, or a transactivist. An ally to the cause. Raising awareness that Transpeople exist and the voices of those within the trans community must be heard.

I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to share their story regardless of age, gender, race, and all of the other characteristics on which we are judged. And we are judged. We try our absolute best not to do so, but on some subconscious level we do form immediate opinions on those we meet.

AS I write this, I am nearer my 50th birthday than I am my 40th and every experience I have lived has contributed to how I view the world. One of the earliest things I learned was to suckle milk from my mothers breasts. With that came a primitive knowledge of the biological and physical differences between men and women. Over the next few years we welcomed a new baby into our family, a boy. A little brother for me. Fast forward a few more years and a second little brother enters our family. Three boys growing up in the same house, doing what siblings did. We played, we had fights, we watched each other grow up, move away and start our own families.

During this time I lived my life. I met hundreds of people. Some became friends, a few became lovers. No matter what impact they made in my life, I absorbed their knowledge, personalities and opinions. I remembered the way they looked so I could recognise them next time I saw them. I was able to distinguish between male and female, young and old. Yes, I had the odd friend that slipped easily into the androgynous category as well as a couple that were going through the process of transitioning from male to female but it was part of who we were. A part of my journey through life.

From the age of 15 I was a part of the alt community so having so called weird or freaky friends was the norm. What do I mean by that? My friends had tattoos, piercings, wore latex and listened to metal. We smoked weed, dropped mushrooms and drank Newcastle Brown. We joined, formed and left bands as often as we did partners, and as the years passed by, so did the faces.

All of this and everything in between has led me to today. That's 40+ years of human contact and learning. 40+ years TV, music, film influences, BUT all of it is considered null and void after I saw this tweet.

After reading this and seeing that 86 people have felt the need to like this suggests that it's a well shared opinion and one that leaves me thinking I am now in trouble. I didn't realise I was transphobic until today.

Now, I did spend some time considering which images to use to highlight my point but instead I want to share a story with you from my time at Portsmouth Comic Con a few years back.

I was working with a charity on this particular day and standing at the table next to ours were a couple of very glamorous individuals who just happened to be dressed as sexy superheroes. We got chatting and I was introduced to them all properly and one of the party was called Sapphire. Sapphire cut