Updated: Jun 18

It's no secret that I hate having to use Facebook. Especially as all I tend to see are tedious memes and advertising. As we scroll through images, videos and text, our brains become selective with what they see and as a result of this, so much is missed. We are bombarded with so much information and opinions from self proclaimed experts that we no longer know what is real and what is fake.

Facebook has spent billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions over the past 14 years or so with the largest and most recognisable being Instagram ($1 Billion) and WhatsApp ($19 Billion).

Coca-Cola has a Facebook following of over 105 million yet their latest post (at time of checking) had a pathetic 0.00005% reaction ratio. On my Facebook author page my latest post achieved an impressive 1.19% reaction ratio. I say impressive with a heavy dose of sarcasm in my tone.

But is this all Facebooks fault?

I've posted a number of videos on my FB Author page and I became curious as to the impact and reach these videos had.

I chose this one - DAY FOUR of my coming off sertraline video diary and the stats behind it shocked me.

The reason I chose this video is because on my page it was the first to come up.

Overall reach of 83, 51 total views and 3 reactions. That's not bad for a page with only 189 followers considering the numbers from the likes of Coca-Cola.

But, did people actually watch the video and if so, for how long.

As you can see from the below graph, views started dropping off after just 5 seconds and by the time the video reached the 39 second mark I was down to just 25% retention.