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Danielle Palmore was just a child when she witnessed her father being beaten. His arms broken; possessions destroyed. In one night, he lost everything, including his family. It's a night Danielle would never forget. At the age of fifteen she ran away from home.
Danielle didn't stop running until she met Harper. A grounded and honest young woman who gave Danielle a stable platform on which to build an exciting future. Was Harper someone she could finally trust?

The revelation that Danielle has in her possession, a book written by active serial killer Kane Azika, put her in a position she had not planned for. She is now a suspect in the killings of thirteen innocent people, and there is still the threat of so many more to come.

Does the book, Portrait of Them, hold the key to stopping these murders, or is it all part of the game Kane is playing? 

ALPHA : IMPOSTURE - part two of a three part series.

Marc Jaytin
marc jaytin
Marc Jaytin


Surviving suicide should have been a new beginning, a chance for redemption. A chance to be thankful for a second shot at life. Instead, it became an opportunity to extract revenge against a society he hates. Witness the rise of a vulture and the death of a man, as mental illness helps shape a new level of reality. A reality in which HE, is a serial killer.

Marc Jaytin


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The Haphazardous Hippo handed the reigns over to me for an exclusive interview and in deep dive into my ALPHA : VULTURE. Read the whole piece HERE

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Owl be sat

Lisa at Owl be sat Reading recently reviewed ALPHA : VULTURE

"For such a good book, it’s got an incredibly bad attitude."

The Haphazardous Hippo

The Haphazardous Hippo finally got to read and review ALPHA : VULTURE


"For a relatively short book it definitely packs one hell of a punch!"


For me, this is a short story, but a damn good one! Written from a killer's point of view, what gives the book a twist. The author pulls you into his story on just the first page. It is very well written… When you ask me the downside of this book I will tell you that some actions are over described for my taste. If you like dark stories, this is a very good one to read. Definitely worth five stars, in my belief. I'm looking forward to part two of pure darkness.

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Gripping tale of a mass murderer, detailed accounts of stoving victims heads in and personal battles with anxiety and self doubt.

Occasionally the character reminded me of "Rorschach" from Watchmen - capable of far far more than written about.

The details of the mental conundrums played out in head give you an understanding that in society we are all very very capable of heinous acts, then slightly watered down by sparing the odd life but not allowing them to get away scott free of what they've seen.

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Just finished the book. Wow! Mind blown. It’s a brilliant read Marc. I still cried a little bit for Saskia. Also sad that the prayer meeting, social drinks after event was all part of his delusions. Those moments hopping across from real to Hallucination kept me questioning what was going on. Shall we say, it kept me on my toes enough to look for clues that didn’t add up in each scene. Very clever piece of writing.

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Written from the perspective of a disturbed serial killer, this is an excellent book. A dark and twisted read with wry observations about modern society and a little humour in places - I found it very hard to put down. Looking forward to the second book!

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This book is so hard to put down. If you're a thriller /horror fan esp around serial killers then this is the book for you can't wait for another one to come out.

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Gripped from the start and very much looking forward to the follow up books
A very dark journey you can’t stop reading.

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Fantastically macabre. This story takes you on trip like no other. Looking forward to the next instalments.

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Loved the Alpha book. Was refreshing to read a crime novel from the killers POV rather than the police or victim. The raw honesty about mental health issues, the media, what we've all become as social media bots is brutal but we're all thinking it. I'm looking forward to the next 2

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Great read... could not put it down....very disturbing..... & scary.... an insight into the mind of mental illness.

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